Ted Bundy

  • Background

Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. His mother, Eleanor Cowell, was a young department store clerk and his father’s identity still remains a mystery. For the first nine years of his life, Bundy and his mother lived in Philadelphia with his maternal grandfather who, according to some family members, was mentally unstable and prone to violence. Ted Bundy was a good student at Woodrow Wilson High School and was active in the local Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts. He remained shy and introverted throughout most of his high school and early college years. He had no natural sense of how to get along with other people.  Before he was out of high school, his criminal activities began. He was a compulsive thief, a shoplifter, amateur con artist, and was fascinated by images of sex and violence.

  • Nature of Ted Bundy’s Behavior

Ted Bundy had one serious relationship with a college freshman, “Stephanie Brooks”,but she became fed up with his immaturity and lack of ambition, and ended the relationship.It was at this time that Bundy decided to pay a visit to Burlington, Vermont, the place of his birth. While there, he visited the local records clerk and finally uncovered the truth. His sister was actually his mother. After his discovery, Bundy became a more focused and dominant person. After approximately two years, he came back into “Brooks” life with a new look and attitude as a serious, dedicated professional man who had been accepted to law school. He courted her once more and when he proposed marriage to her, she accepted. A short time later, he dumped her excusing his behavior as proving to himself that he could have her. It was shortly after this final breakup that he began a homicidal rampage which lasted three years. Most of Ted Bundy’s victims had long dark hair parted in the middle just like “Brooks” and experts speculate that his stewing resentment towards her was a motivating factor in his string of murders.

 I think Ted Bundy was considered a bit of all three antisocial, sociopaths and psychotic. I think this because he was a superficially charming, and habitual liar, has no regard for others, shows no remorse after hurting others,inflated self-worth, and has no shame for behaving in an outrageously objectionable manner.

 Deviance is the result of biologic factors, genetic factors, psychological factors and environmental factors. Which psychologists refer to as the biopsychosocial model. Genetic influences could have contributed to his mental health, meaning his parents could have had mental health issues. Research shows that Ted Bundy’s Grandfather was mentally unstable. The environment which Ted Bundy lived as a child contributed to the antisocial personality disorder. Researched shows he was raised with a mentally unstable Grandfather and was abandoned by his mother and father. He believed for sometime that his sister was his mother and found out for him self that it wasn’t true. Due to the biological and environmental factors Ted Bundy’s thoughts feelings and perceptions of the world were abnormal and dangerous.

Ted Bundy had a major defect in his personality and it can’t be treated or altered. His personality was what it was. Ted Bundy had been studied by the best, had been tested, probed, x-rayed etc. and the conclusion was he was as sane as anybody else.

How Ted Bundy was Caught..

In August 1975 police attempted to stop Bundy for a driving violation. He aroused suspicion when he tried to get away by turning his car lights off and speeding through stop signs. When he was finally stopped his VW was searched and police found handcuffs, an ice pick, crowbar, pantyhose with eye holes cut out along with other questionable items. They also saw that the front seat on the passenger side of his car was missing. Police arrested Ted Bundy on suspicion of burglary. Police compared the things found in Bundy’s car to those DaRonch described seeing in her attackers car. The handcuffs that had been placed around one of her wrists were the same make as those in Bundy’s possession.Bundy went to trial for attempted kidnapping DaRonch in February 1976 and after waiving his right to a jury trial he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. During this time police were investigating links to Bundy and the Colorado murders. According to his credit card statements he was in the area where several women vanished in early 1975.

The End to Bundy…

Bundy went on trial in Florida on June 25, 1979 for the murders of the sorority women. The trial was televised and Bundy played up to the media when on occasion he acted as his own attorney. Bundy was found guilty on both murder charges and given two death sentences by means of the electric chair. After endless appeals Bundy’s last stay of execution was on January 17, 1989. Prior to being put to death Bundy gave the details of more than fifty women he had murdered. The electrocution of Ted Bundy went as scheduled amid a carnival like atmosphere outside the prison. On January 24, 1989, Theodore Bundy died at around 7:13 a.m. as crowds outside cheered his death.



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